We are going to organize regular online live training sessions as well as offline training sessions on Koha.

Koha is an open source integrated library management software. In Koha there total 12 modules

1) Circulation

2) Patron 

3) List

4) Advance search

5) Authorities

6) Cataloguing

7) Serials

8) Tools

9) Acquisition

10) Reports

11)koha administration

12) About koha

In the training program we will discuss all the modules of Koha in Depth, data migration from excel to Koha, Opac Customisation

In this Koha Training Program we are going to organize weekly Koha Classes. We will cover all modules of Koha i.e.

1) Circulation

2) Patron

3) Catalogue

4) Administration

5) Reports

6) Tools

7) Acquisition

8) Authorities

9) Serials

10) Lists